Laura K Lawless

Laura K.Lawless is a huge fan of France. She has been infatuated with the language of love since the day she acquired her first French words (the numerals 1-10 at the age of ten). Her first trip to France, when she was 15, cemented her belief that French will always be a part of her life. Laura has a BA in International Studies from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and has completed graduate studies in translation, interpretation, linguistics, and literature in French and Spanish. She also studied French at the Alliance française in Toulouse and the Institut de formation internationale in Mont-St-Aignan, France.

Laura became the French Language Guide at (http: // in 1999, following a year of teaching French and Spanish to adults. She continues to offer courses, quizzes, listening exercises, and games for French students and teachers all around the world. Her love of all things French ensures that she'll never run out of material for Read More chevron_right