Laura Resnick

Laura  Resnick

Laura Resnick was born in the city of Chicago in the state of Illinois. She was thrown by horses, mauled by dogs, and terrified by the Resnicks' infamous exploding water well as a youngster, which helped her prepare appropriately for her future in publishing. Resnick went on to Georgetown University to study French, Italian, and linguistics, graduating with honors. She spent the next few years tramping about the Old World, looking at wonderful art, working in France, and eventually ending up on a kibbutz in Israel. She studied acting at the Webber Douglas Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in London and taught English at the University of Palermo in Italy for a tumultuous but rewarding year.

Resnick had sold a dozen romantic novels by the time she was thirty, all but one of them published under the pen name Laura Leone, and Romantic Times magazine had voted her the greatest new writer in her field. She then embarked on a cross-African trek. The award-winning nonfiction book A Read More chevron_right