Leo Sullivan

Leo Sullivan made a splash in the literary world in 2005 with his mega-hit and #1 Essence Best Seller, Life. Sullivan has since written the national bestseller novels Dangerous and Innocent. He has sold hundreds of thousands of books to date, which is an incredible achievement in and of itself; nevertheless, he was able to accomplish this feat while confined in a federal prison. He was born on Chicago's South Side and reared by his mother. They went to Florida while he was in his teens.

Sullivan developed a passion for writing while growing up in the Sunshine State. Despite the fact that his passion for writing began as an adolescent writing graffiti on the sides of buildings, he has evolved into a diverse writer who writes in a variety of genres, including poetry. Leo currently runs his own publishing firm, Sullivan Productions, LLC, Films and Literature, when he is not writing. He has accomplished his ambition to publish not only his own work but also that of other authors.

He's now in talks with filmmakers about adapting two of his screenplays, Life Without Hope and Summer Madness, into films.