Libby Romero

Before becoming an novelist, Libby Romero worked as a journalist and a teacher. Stephanie Laird is an instructional coach at Mitchellville Elementary in Mitchellville, TN. She has produced hundreds of publications, including the biography Ibn al-Haytham: The Man Who Discovered How We See, as well as teacher guides, interactive whiteboards, and a range of other resources, including National Geographic's Explorer magazines and the Smithsonian Institution's TweenTribune. She received the ILA Technology and Literacy Award in 2014. Stephanie is the President-Elect of the Iowa Reading Association and the 2017 Conference Chair of the annual conference of the Iowa Reading Association. Stephanie was a member of ILA's Literacy, eLearning, Communication, and Culture Committee and contributed to the International Literacy Day Activity Kit, Literacy Daily, and ReadWriteThink, in addition to being an ambassador and advocate for education, literacy, and teacher leadership across her state.