Linda A Silvestri

Linda Anne Silvestri has contributed decades of nursing education and leadership to the nursing workforce, which is in desperate need. Her study focused on a comprehensive look at the factors that influence licensing exam achievement. Her findings, which were published in the Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, resulted in major advances to NCLEX(R) preparation, satisfying a key need. Linda's goal was to give a comprehensive educational strategy that would assure overall well-being in terms of test anxiety and self-efficacy, as well as NCLEX(R) achievement. She aspires for excellence in publication quality as a pioneer in offering global NCLEX(R) preparation resources published by Elsevier, based on the discovery of new information in nursing, standards of care, and research-based studies.

Nursing graduates will be able to make solid clinical decisions as they serve the public and the nursing profession thanks to her published materials. Linda also works with Elsevier as a Next Generation NCLEX(R) Subject Matter Expert and Consultant.