Linda S Mintle

Linda S. Mintle, PhD, is a national speaker, blogger, radio host of her own show (The Dr. Linda Mintle show), and bestselling author of twenty books. With twenty-seven years of clinical practice as a therapist and coach, her current clinical and academic efforts are being directed towards the development of an interdisciplinary approach to pain management given the present opioid crisis and the need for nonpharmacological approaches to deal with people in chronic pain. She lives in Virginia.

James W. Kribs, DO, is a practicing physician. Board-certified in neuromusculoskeletal medicine with a subspecialty in pain medicine, his clinical practice focus includes osteopathic manipulative medicine, manual sports medicine, medical orthopedics, and interventional pain management. Additionally, Dr. Kribs has served on the academic faculty of two medical schools, and is involved nationally in advancing osteopathic medicine curriculum initiatives. He lives in Virginia.
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