Linda Seger

Linda  Seger
Seger, Linda: - The author, Dr. Linda Seger, was the founder of the script consulting profession, and one of the authorities in the field of screenwriting, sought after for seminars and consulting and for her 9 books on screenwriting. She was at the top of her field. In 2009, she developed a movement disorder called dystonia which was aggravating, frustrating, and demanded hours of therapy a day. For a year she was unable to travel and reading was difficult. Just as she was improving, she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. During this time, she began to write about her spiritual experiences, struggling with her medical problems and working through her relationship with God as someone wanting and waiting to be healed. Her theological background, and her refusal to give up on God, informed her journey. She hopes the digging deep that she has done will help illuminate the sufferings of others.