Lisa Bruce

Bruce, Lisa: - Coming from a background of child abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, alcoholism, and spiritual poverty, Dr. Lisa Bruce experienced the transforming power of the gospel in 1990. Transformed for a purpose, she went back to school to get equipped for her assignment. Within the next fifteen years she studied psychology, biblical theology, Christian counseling, and organizational leadership. During that time, she embarked on a life-changing journey that led her into a deeper level of purpose. Dr. Bruce is an ordained minister and the former Co-pastor of Community International Church. She's a Christian counselor, author, and the CEO of Spiritual Eye Publications, an online e-book publishing house. As the founder of Common Thread Ministries she works in and outside of the church. C.T.M. is not just a ministry; it's a global movement that's transcending cultures and accelerating all around the world. Dr. Bruce has authored five books, sharing from her 25 Read More chevron_right