Lise Van Boxel

Lise van Boxel was an expert on Nietzsche, with a particular focus on his view of nihilism. She contributed chapters on Nietzsche to Prefaces for Unwritten Works (St. Augustine's Press, 2005) and wrote Nietzsche in Eden in The Pious Sex (Lexington Books, 2010). She was a professor at St. John's College (Santa Fe / Annapolis), where she taught courses in mathematics, science, language, religion, literature, and philosophy. She received a B.A., English Literature Specialist and Political Science Major, from Trinity College, The University of Toronto, an M.A. in Political Philosophy from Boston College, and a Ph.D. in Political Philosophy from The University of Toronto. She was also a co-founder of Combat and Classics, a series of podcasts and free online seminars for active duty, reserve, and veteran U.S. military members, sponsored by St. John's College.
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