Liz MacDowell

Liz is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and avid foodie who has been cooking up plant-based ketogenic recipes since the summer of 2012. After years of crash diets, disordered eating and constantly feeling sick, she realized there was no quick fix, and enrolled in a nutrition program at Bauman College to try and fix her eating habits from the inside out.

During her time studying nutrition, Liz stumbled across the ketogenic diet one night browsing Reddit, and decided to give it a go. Through lots of trial and error, she found what works for her body, and began creating low carbohydrate vegetarian recipes to keep things interesting and healthy. Liz started to share these recipes with others who want to explore a low carb or ketogenic diet, without eating meat.

By eating a plant-based low carbohydrate diet, Liz has been able to control symptoms of endometriosis and Raynaud's, as well as kept her blood sugar and weight in check, while eating nutrient-dense and flavorful meals.

When she's not cooking up new recipes (and making messes) in the kitchen, Liz loves to hike, read, practice yoga and indulge in the occasional computer game.