Lloyd Kahn

I began building about 50 years ago and have lived in a home that I constructed myself ever since. I might not have started building if I had been able to find a great historic house with a good vibe. Yet it was always cheaper to create than to buy, and by doing so, I was able to design exactly what I desired and utilize the materials I wanted. In 1960, I embarked on a journey to study the craft of construction. The entire procedure was quite enjoyable for me.

Nail hammering Delineating space is what framing is all about. The sub-floor and roof decking are nailed down. When you first tread on the floor you've just made, it's a rush.

I wish I could have spent more time learning the basics from a master carpenter, but there was never enough time. I learnt from friends and literature, as well as by blundering my way into a procedure that required some expertise. My viewpoint was that of a beginner, a homeowner, rather than a professional. As I gained experience, I began Read More chevron_right