Lolly Brown

Lolly Brown, a lifelong animal enthusiast, is equally at ease writing about exotic creatures like the Mexican axolotl or giving dog owners sensible advise on kennel cough. Brown first became interested in fish and aquariums as a child, when her father surprised her with a 10-gallon aquarium. Within a few months, the father-daughter duo had upgraded to a 120-gallon tank and were fully absorbed in the complexities of tank population control. We had that go-big-or-go-home attitude that is widespread in the hobby, according to Brown. Now that I think about it, I remember what we did to Mama's living room!

Brown's interest throughout animals grew in college, where she took multiple field biology and wildlife classes that allowed her to observe various species in their natural settings. Because her only apartment companions were two hamsters, Hemingway and Leo (Tolstoy), she refers to this phase of her life as the rodent years. She also said she adopted a Guinea pig because she Read More chevron_right