Lolly Daskal

Lolly  Daskal
A SPEAKER: Lolly speaks to business and organizations about personal and professional growth. She offers an amazing keynote address that combines her personal story with critical lessons in a way that resonates unlike any other speech you've heard. A WRITER: Lolly has written countless articles, columns, speeches, and presentations. Her soon-to-be-released first book provides a powerful in-depth look at the Heart Of Leadership. A COACH: Lolly Daskal has been coaching and consulting leaders worldwide for nearly 20 years. Lolly works with high-level government officials, Fortune 500 executives, non-profit directors, and small business owners, challenging and inspiring people to lead with heart and soul. A CONSULTANT: Lolly is a consultant and coach that believes through her workshops and trainings that she will offer you a clear path to leadership training and coaching, based on decades of successful results. She has experienced and believes that ordinary people can accomplish Read More chevron_right