Lomax Becky

Becky Lomax grew up camping with her family. She recalls family camping trips in a yellow station wagon crammed door-to-door with five rowdy kids and their stuff. She and her siblings would wake up each morning in a canvas tent, piled on air mattresses or cots, to their mother doling canned grapefruit and mandarin oranges into plastic camping bowls, while their father pumped the green two-burner Coleman stove so he could cook pancakes. They experienced their share of weather, insects, vehicle problems, and siblings who strip-mined the chocolate from the gorp bag, just like any other camping family. Her brothers insist they didn't put the frog in her sleeping bag, but she doesn't believe them.

Becky's favorite types of vacations are still backpacking and camping. She now travels the Northern Rockies as a professional outdoors journalist and photographer after ten years as a hiking and backpacking guide in Glacier National Park. Her full-time writing job allows her to go Read More chevron_right