Lucy Engelman

Mark Andrew Gravel is an independent cook and designer working at the intersection of food and art. He is the founder of Good Farm, an art and agriculture blog turned foraging collective, and Bean-In, a yearlong series of food happenings that culminated with an all day temporary free restaurant at California College of the Arts. Currently, Mark runs Good Farm, freelances, and continues to share his love for the culture and diversity of beans through both self-propelled and collaborative projects. Lucy Engelman is an illustrator living in Northfield, IL, where she plans her next adventure. She attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, graduating with a BFA in 2011. Her young career consists of collaborations with chefs, farmers, artists, designers of various trades, and publishers from near and far. She has also received recognition for her work in several publications. Lucy is eager to continue searching for inspiration in the fresh air of the outdoors, pursuing an agrarian inspired lifestyle, and collaborating with professionals of all trades.