Lynn Beighley

Lynn  Beighley

Lynn Beighley is a fiction writer trapped in the body of a technical book writer. She learned to embrace and like technical book writing after realizing that it paid real money. She worked for the acronyms NRL and LANL after returning to school for a Masters in Computer Science. Then she came upon Flash and wrote her first best-selling novel. She went to Silicon Valley right before the Great Crash, and she was a victim of terrible timing.

She worked for Yahoo! for numerous years while also writing books and training courses. She relocated to the New York City to get an MFA in Creative Writing after finally giving in to her creative writing need. Her thesis, written in the spirit of Head First, was delivered to a room full of professors and students. Lynn earned her degree, finished Head First SQL, and is looking forward to starting her next book.Lynn enjoys traveling, cooking, and making up extensive backstories about random strangers.

Clowns make her feel uneasy.