Lynn Clark

Lynn Clark Dorr has a versatile professional career as a feature writer-turned-novelist, public relations executive, and published author. She was an on-air broadcaster and corporate spokesperson with a background in journalism, fashion, and design. Early on in her career she wrote a best-selling book, How to Enjoy Life Between12 and 20. That came as the result of Lynn Clarks expertise, and guidance of hundreds of Los Angeles teenage girls in their personal grooming, social skills, and self-confidence. Later, in the City of Philadelphia during a civil rights crisis in1968, Lynn Clark successfully created and administered the city-wide Model-Teen Program. It included 8,000 teenage girls of all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds taught at the grassroots level. For that record-breaking achievement she received a presidential award. A painstakingly accurate researcher with a passion to study the lives and careers of successful business women in American history, it took Lynn twelve Read More chevron_right