M Calhoun

M  Calhoun
M Calhoun is an emerging Alaskan painter, photographer, and artist. The mediums she has worked with are pastels, charcoal, colored pencils, acrylic paints, and a digital camera. She paints wild landscaped sceneries, and powerful abstracts. In her photography, she enjoys altering her pictures to either enhance the subjects, or to change them completely into abstracts that provoke a wondrous awe.

Calhoun sees potential for beauty in the world around her. From ordinary household items to obscure angles to intimate shots of nature to the vulnerable moments of raw human emotion, in everything there is something beautiful to be seen. Her desire is to find, capture, create, enhance, and share the hidden beauty of this life with others who are willing to see ever glorifying the Lord Jesus who gives her these visions to work with. Nocturnal Vows is her first novel.

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