M S Schiller

Alexander, M. Sue: - M. Sue Alexander is the author of the ten-novel Resurrection Dawn 2014 series that depicts a time in America between 2014 and 2025 when Christianity is oppressed in favor of secularism that defines human behavior. The setting is a small town in West Tennessee. Protagonist Victoria Tempest is on a mission to solve her husband's murder, a cold case shoved aside since 1989. After waking from amnesia after twenty-five years, she embraces Christian values despite pushback from her family and friends. Along the way, she falls in love. The Time of Jacob's series continues with the characters not taken in an event called the Rapture. M. Sue is a graduate of Union University with a Masters in Education from the University of Memphis. Her company, Suzander Publishing, was established in 1980 to self-publish her works which include a children's educational program, Christian music CDs, and Christian novels. She currently resides in Dickson County, Tennessee. View her website at: www.msuealexanderbooks.com and follow her blog, Facebook page, and Linked-in.