Marc de Vinck

Vinck, Marc De: -

In 2012, Marc was challenged with both developing and teaching in the Masters of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship program at Lehigh University. Prior to this, he was director of product development at Make: magazine and a member of the Make: Technical Advisory board. He has written numerous posts and articles on do-it-yourself science and technology for Make:

Marc previously worked in fields as diverse as traditional metalsmith, illustrator, and 3D model maker. He thrives on the process of making and educating, with one of his greatest career accomplishments the implementation of Maker Faire's Learn to Solder program, which taught more than 10,000 people a lifelong skill.

Other interests include microcontrollers, open source hardware, and interactive art. When he is not developing a new product in his studio - a rare occurrence - you can find him skiing, playing ice hockey, or sailing with his family.