Margery Allingham

Allingham: - Allingham 1936 - 2012 Allingham spent a happy childhood in Halifax the third and youngest child of William, a Welsh born policeman, and Winifred, a local Yorkshire lass. Apprenticed at 16 to a local iron foundry Allingham's progression to qualified engineer was interrupted by two years of national service, serving as a subaltern in the 1st Guards Brigade. Qualifying as a professional engineer didn't limit his work experiences and over the succeeding decades Allingham travelled to over 65 countries, pursuing careers in public relations, local government, retailing, brewing and innkeeping, this last role earning him a two-page spread in the Daily Express as The real Mr Fawlty. Founding the journal Hong Kong Engineer before his thirtieth birthday and writing all its early leaders demonstrated Allingham's interest in writing, confirmed by a lifetime producing professional technical papers as well as writing, for his own interest, a series of short stories, light Read More chevron_right