Maria Vergara

Vergara, Maria: - Hello, I'm María Vergara, the Wolols' mom. I was born in Spain, in the beautiful Andalusian city of Seville. I've loved art and creativity since I was very young and used to daydream very often, lost in the endless world of imagination. Now I'm a mother of three children (and a bunch of funny eggs), and I still enjoy crossing the childhood bridge to engage with this magical place. How many times have you seen their little eyes wide open waiting for the last chapter, laughing with the illustrations of a book? How many times have you heard their lovely and sweet voices begging for another book to read? They don't want this magical moment, snuggling with mommy or daddy, to come to an end. There is a fantastic feeling when the children ask for more stories (well, yes, all of us have a limit at night!) This love for reading and their perception of becoming part of the stories is why I enjoy imagining, writing and illustrating Wolols children's books. If along Read More chevron_right
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