Marjolein Bastin

Marjolein  Bastin

Marjolein Bastin's love of nature has a common character that appeals to individuals all around the world. Marjolein's artwork can be seen on greeting cards, calendars, crockery, bedding, presents, and a variety of other items. Yet just one thing matters to Marjolein: spending every day at her desk painting the natural environment around her. She also creates the adorable Vera the Mouse character, which she writes and illustrates for children's books. Marjolein offers people a simple reminder to halt and embrace nature, allowing it to be a source of serenity, vitality, and healing through her art and words.

Marjolein takes lengthy walks each day to discover new ideas for her artwork and writings, finding inspiration in a bird perched on a branch or a leaf drying in the fall heat. Marjolein and her husband, Gaston, have country properties in Holland, Switzerland, and Missouri, as well as a tropical hideaway in the Cayman Islands. Each location offers a different perspective on what nature has to offer around the world. Mischa and Sanna are the couple's children, and they have two grandkids.