Mark Cronshaw

Mark Cronshaw has worked in the energy industry as an economist, engineer and expert witness. He has taught university courses on energy economics, microeconomics, mathematical economics, and game theory, as well as professional courses on petroleum economics and appraisal of oil and gas properties. He has a PhD in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford, an MBA from Southern Methodist University, an MS in Chemical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology, and BA, MA and M Eng. degrees in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge University (UK). His work experience includes simulation of oil wells and reservoirs, capital budgeting, the business case for enhanced oil recovery at Prudhoe Bay (the largest oil field in the US), valuation of oil and gas properties, feasibility studies for energy projects, project planning for underground gas storage, assessment of production sharing contracts, development of natural gas markets, determination of the appropriate contingency in cost estimation for a pipeline mega-project, and economic damage assessment.

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