Mark Ferguson

Mark Ferguson is an accomplished entrepreneur, real estate investor, author, and husband and father. Mark is living proof that optimistic thinking can catapult you to new heights of achievement. Real estate has helped him attain much of his financial success. Since 2008, Mark has specialized in listing REO and HUD properties, having been a Realtor since 2001. He works with a group of ten people, including seven certified real estate agents.

Every year, Mark's team sells over 200 properties. Every year, Mark fixes and flips ten to fifteen properties, which is a perfect complement to his real estate transactions. Mark has figured out how to flip houses in any market and how to flip multiple houses at once. Mark has 16 long-term rental properties that bring in more than $90,000 each year.

Mark has figured out how to invest in high-yielding rental properties. Mark is also a published author, having material available on Kindle and the internet. He mostly writes at, where you can learn more about his rental properties, rental techniques, and how to work with a good attitude.