Mark Olshaker

Mark  Olshaker
JOHN DOUGLAS, the legendary FBI criminal profiler and New York Times bestselling author, has spent over twenty-five years hunting the worst of the worst, researching and culling the stories of America's most disturbing criminals. A veteran of the United States Air Force, he has been involved with more than five thousand violent crime cases over the past half century. He holds a doctorate degree in education based on teaching police officers methods of crime classification, he is an active consultant, and is a highly sought-after speaker. One of the foremost experts and investigators of criminal minds and motivations, he and his wife, Pam, a teacher, live in the Washington, DC area.

MARK OLSHAKER is an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker and author of twelve nonfiction books and five novels, including Einstein's Brain and The Edge. His books with John Douglas, beginning with Mindhunter and, most recently, The Killer's Read More chevron_right