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Nic Compton was brought up on boats in the Mediterranean and one of his earliest practical memories is of his father teaching him to tie a bowline knot at the age of six. He has worked as a carpenter and shipwright, and rebuilt bicycles before turning his attention to more academic matters. He has written six books, including Sailing Solo and The Great Classic Yacht Revival.

Kim Davies is a writer, adventurer, and practical mother who has changed diapers in moonlit lay-bys, crossed india on a shoestring, and applied emergency first-aid to jellyfish stings. She practices yoga and knows how to tie a bow-tie. Her published titles include Go Green, Save Money and The Baby and Toddler Meal Planner.

David Martin is an Adventurer and explorer whos favorite pastimes include sailing motorcycle touring, trekking, and camping. To pursue safely his love of the outdoors, David has undergone a number of first aid and other Read More chevron_right

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