Mary Grabar

Mary Grabar earned her Ph.D. in English from the University of Georgia in 2002. She has written extensively on education, politics, and American culture for such publications as Townhall, PJ Media, The Weekly Standard, Roll Call, Minding the Campus, Accuracy in Media, and many others. She has written several reports on radicalism in education and participated in several conferences sponsored by America's Survival. She appears frequently on radio and television to discuss issues in education. In 2011, she launched her non-profit, Dissident Prof Education Project, Inc., and writes for and edits the Dissident Prof website, Mary is also a published poet and fiction writer, and currently teaches English at Emory University. Brian Birdnow earned his Ph.D. in American History from St. Louis University in 2000. His book, The St. Louis Five: The Smith Act, Communism and the Federal Courts in Missouri 1952-1958, was published by the Edwin Mellen Press in 2005. His most Read More chevron_right