Mary Jordan

Jordan, Mary: - The bestselling author Mary Jordan writes literacy narratives and articles since the early 1980s. Literature is her great love and she easily and with joy writes. Her narratives have been published since the 1990s. In 1994 she won a literature competition and her narratives were published in 'High Club Magazine'. The idea for the novel Destiny of choice was born suddenly, when in her home a young girl found a home, who had experienced the horror of child flesh trade. Her confession and need of protection woke up in the author the will to tell this pathetic story and thus to express her empathy in her own way to stand against the global problem of human trafficking with women and children. In 2016 Mary Jordan was ranked in the top 900 most sold authors on Amazon. With her international bestseller Destiny of Choice and the, even more, liked sequel The Choice of Destiny.