Mary K Baxter

Mary K. Baxter is an international evangelist. In 1976, he received visions of the underworld and the sky, as well as revelations of warning and salvation, which he has already recorded in his books. Since her ministry in Florida, she has ministered all over the world, and many miracles have occurred as a result of her efforts. Mary Baxter's book, Una divina revelación del infierno, has sold over 1.4 million copies. Aside from that, Whitaker House has published Une revelación divina del cielo, Una revelación divina del reino del Espritu, Una revelación divina de los ángeles, Una revelación divina de la guerra espiritual, Una revelación divina de la liberación, Una revelación divina de la sanación, Una revelación divina de la or

Mary K. Baxter is a world-renowned evangelist. She saw visions of hell and heaven in 1976, warnings and salvation insights that she has subsequently chronicled in her books. She pastors around the world from her Florida headquarters, and Read More chevron_right