Mary Smith

Smith, Mary: - Mary Smith started her life in Kansas City Missouri, on July 12 1930. It was the beginning of the great depression. Her young mother Mary, 25 years old died in child birth. Two of her siblings promised her that the little girl would be loved, cared for and given any and every opportunity available. Their word was gold. They took her to their homes in 'Tornado Alley', between Texhoma Texas and Liberal Kansas, on the Oklahoma Panhandle. It was the Dustbowl. Bleak, terrifying, and a killing field. My life has been full of love, remarkable living examples and the world (in that time period) was my oyster! My imagination and talents were encouraged and trained. So, my life's quilt, like Joseph's coat, is beautiful. It consists of the many colors and fabrics of this world from the most humble to the finest. I have been greatly blessed and want to share with each of you, the wonder of true goodness. Though my characters are fictional, I know and love every one of Read More chevron_right