Matt Zagula

Zagula, Matt: - Matt Zagula, founder of SMART Retirement, likens his professional journey to the mountain climb that retirees make.

Matt spent years accumulating knowledge from many different perspectives with the idea that when he finally hit that pinnacle of the mountain, he would be well prepared to distribute quality advice that could be accounted for mathematically and not rely on hypothetical market illustrations. His goal was, and remains, to provide advice with confidence based on fact--not fiction. Matt has followed a unique path, from being a very early adopter and pioneer in what is known today as income planning, to creating a distinctive practice model and level of notoriety in the industry that allowed his firm to be acquired in 2001, when Matt was just thirty-one, by a publicly traded company, National Financial Partners (NYSE Symbol: NFP). After the market crash in 2008, Matt purchased his firm back from NFP at a huge discount using his life insurance Read More chevron_right