Matthew Henry

Matthew  Henry
Matthew Henry (1662-1714) was so sick and frail when he was born that he was not expected to live even a week. But God preserved the life of this little baby who would grow up to do great things for Him. Matthew continued to be physically weak as a child, but mentally, he grew stronger and stronger. At three years of age, he is said to have read aloud a chapter from the Bible.
Indeed, his love for the Bible must have begun at an early age. His parents' Welsh farmhouse was known for its godliness; it was called a house of God and a gate of heaven. His father, Philip Henry, was well known as a clergyman. He was a Dissenter (because he dissented from the Act of Uniformity that was laid down by the church) and thence received no salary, but he served his congregation unselfishly.
Philip Henry was gifted as a scholar and teacher, and he taught Matthew until he was eighteen years old. Then Matthew attended the academy in Islington, London. Although it was often persecuted as Read More chevron_right