Mercer Mayer

Miss Gina Ballerina, as Gina Mayer, is a dance and theater teacher who has been teaching since 1996. Her life has always revolved on dance. It all started when she told her mother she wanted to attend dance classes when she was two years old, and she hasn't looked back since. Gina's passion for the performing arts prompted her to study tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet, voice, and acting as a child. She subsequently moved on to the University of Minnesota in Duluth, where she earned a BA in theater with a minor in dance.

She has had the honor of playing with some fantastic groups since graduating, including the Guthrie Theater, Chanhassen Dinner Theater, and the Lyric Opera of New York. Gina and her husband came to New York City in 2001. They were able to learn with outstanding singing and dance masters, perform, and teach there. Gina relished the opportunity, which included serving as the Pied Piper Children's Theater Company's resident choreographer.

Gina began developing her Wish Upon a Dance curriculum for preschoolers when she was teaching in New York. But, when she and her husband planned to start a family, they decided it would be best to return to Minnesota to be closer to their families. Gina has continued to teach youngsters who want to dance or perform musical theater through her own organization, Mayer Arts, since returning to Minnesota. Her programs are mostly delivered through community education or parks and leisure.

They're designed for pupils who don't want to compete, as well as parents who want something less expensive and low-maintenance. Gina continues to study dance and voice and feels that an artist's work is never ended. She still plays from time to time with the Twin Cities Lyric Theater, which she and her husband founded.