Michael Carroll

The AAS Division of Planetary Science awarded author/artist Michael Carroll the Jonathan Eberhart Award for the finest planetary science feature story of 2012, an piece based on his Springer book Drifting on Alien Winds. He has given invited talks at science museums, aerospace facilities, and NASA locations in conjunction with his many works. He's well-connected in the planetary science community thanks to his two decades as a science journalist. He is a Fellow of the International Society for the Astronomical Arts and has produced articles and books on a variety of subjects, including space and archaeology. Popular Science, Astronomy, Sky and Telescope, Astronomy Today (UK), and a variety of children's magazines have all published his work.

Alien Volcanoes (Johns Hopkins University Press), Space Art (Watson Guptill), The Seventh Landing (Springer 2009), and Drifting on Alien Winds (Springer 2011) are among his twenty-plus books. Carroll's most recent book, Springer's Science Read More chevron_right