Michael J Silverstein

The late Michael Silverstein was probably the only person who ever coveted the title America's Best-Loved Financial Poet. But, if he thought like other people, we wouldn't have had the joy of reading his unique, insightful, humorous voice. Only a man who combined knowledge and vision with a pathological fear of personal success would be regularly featured as a financial analyst in the New York Times at the same time that he was paying his bills by delivering the New York Times. Only a business writer with the soul of a poet would organize the largest investors' show in New England not to make money, but as a work of performance art. During his varied career, Mike Silverstein served as a Senior Editor for Bloomberg News, and wrote a dozen books, serious and comic, fiction and non-fiction, in poetry and prose, on a variety of subjects ranging from politics, to the financial derivatives market, to the environment, to solar energy, to parking ticketing. His work includes three comic novels Read More chevron_right