Michael Q Patton

Michael Quinn Patton is the author of several evaluation books, including Qualitative Research & Evaluation Techniques, 4th Edition (2015), Blue Marble Evaluation (2020), Principles-Focused Evaluation (2018), Facilitating Evaluation (2018), and Developmental Evaluation (2011). He is a former president of the American Evaluation Association (AEA) and was on the faculty of the University of Minnesota for 18 years. Michael has won the Alva and Gunnar Myrdal Evaluation Practice Award, as well as the Paul F. He has also received the Lester F. Lazarsfeld Evaluation Theory Award and the Research on Evaluation Award from the American Evaluation Association. The Society for Applied and Clinical Sociology has given Ward the Ward Outstanding Contribution to Applied and Clinical Sociology Award.

EvalYouth presented him with the inaugural Transformational Evaluator Award in 2021. He is a frequent speaker, trainer, and workshop presenter who has worked with organizations and programs at Read More chevron_right