Mieshelle Nagelschneider

Mieshelle Nagelschneider is a well-known and sought-after cat behaviorist in the United States. She has spoken with veterinarians to help them cope with the issue behaviors that their clients complain about and that they themselves have with their own cats, in addition to working with thousands of cat owners in person, over the phone, and online. She started the Cat Behavior Clinic in 1999, and it now serves clients from all around the world. She has appeared on Animal Planet's Must Love Cats, Martha Stewart Living Radio, USA Today, Cat Fancy, Real Simple, and Feline Health, as well as Salon.com, Pawnation.com, and NBC's Petside.com. She is also a member of the Pet360.com advisory board. She and her family live in Portland, Oregon, with their nine pets: six cats, two dogs, and one monitor lizard.