Mike Carey

Rosaria Battiloro has worked with a variety of publishers in comics and children's books. She won for Best Cover for the short tale Incontro in the Subway Metroapoli contest. Laurence Campbell's early work included titles for Caliber and 2000AD including Judge Dredd. For Marvel, he's illustrated Punisher Max, Deadpool Pulp, Moon Knight and Stephen King's The Dark Tower. He is currently a regular artist on BPRD for Dark Horse. Mike Carey got his start with Caliber and 2000AD before launching the Sandman related title, Lucifer (now a TV series). He was the lead writer for Marvel's X-Men and other work includes Hellbazer, Ultimate Fantastic Four, and his new series, Rowan's Ruin with artist, Mike Perkins. Sam Gafford, in addition to writing a number of comics, has just finished writing a graphic novel biography of H. P. Lovecraft. Michael Gaydos is best known now for being the co-creator of Marvel's Jessica Jones, the popular Netflix TV show but he has had an extensive career in comics Read More chevron_right