Morris Kline

Morris  Kline

Morris Kline: Mathematics for the People Morris Kline (1908-1992) had a powerful and forceful personality, which he brought to his position as Professor at New York University from 1952 to 1975, and to his role as the driving force behind Dover's mathematics reprint program for much longer, from the 1950s to only a few years before his death. During those years, Professor Kline was the primary reviewer of mathematical books, filling numerous file drawers with acute, intelligent, and always handwritten remarks and recommendations, whether positive or negative. It was unavoidable that he would imbue the Dover math program, which he helped to begin, with his own point of view that what mattered most was the quality of the books chosen for reprinting, as well as a point of view that emphasized the importance of applications and the utility of mathematics. He argued that books should focus on demonstrating how mathematics may be applied to real-world issues, rather than only creating Read More chevron_right