Muata Ashby

Dr. Muata Ashby began his studies in religion and philosophy, earning a PhD in these fields, while also beginning to compile his findings into what would eventually become multiple works on African history, religion and ethics, world mythology, the beginnings of Yoga philosophy and practice in ancient Africa (Ancient Egypt/Nubia), and the origins of Chrismatism. This was the impetus for the successful Egyptian Yoga book series, which began in 1994. He is an accomplished lecturer, singer, artist, poet, painter, screenwriter, playwright, and author of over 65 books on yoga philosophy, religious philosophy, and social philosophy based on ancient African ideas, having studied mystical religious traditions from all over the world. He has talked and written extensively on the linkages of these with ancient African religion and philosophy. He is a key promoter of the concept of advanced social and religious philosophy in ancient Africa akin to Eastern traditions such as Vedanta, Buddhism, Read More chevron_right