Muhammad Khalifa

Nathern S. Okilwa is an Assistant Professor of educational leadership and policy studies at the University of Texas San Antonio. His life experiences and long career as an educator in a variety of K-12 contexts rural/urban, general/special education, alternative schooling, and international informs his research agenda. His research interests include educational and life outcomes of disadvantaged or underserved or marginalized students (e.g., low SES, culturally and linguistically diverse, racial/ethnic minorities, and special education); school leadership in diverse school contexts; and educational policy. Muhammad Khalifa is an Associate Professor in educational leadership at the University of Minnesota. His research examines how urban school leaders enact culturally responsive leadership practices. He has published in top education journals, such as Review of Educational Research, Teachers College Record, and Educational Administration Quarterly. Felecia M. Briscoe earned her Read More chevron_right