Natasha Friend

Natasha  Friend

Natasha Friend, the award-winning author of Perfect, was born in Norwich, New York. After she received her B.A., she was ecstatic. Natasha received her B.A. in Psychology from Bates College in 1994 and went on to Clemson University for her M.A. In 1997, it was published in English. Natasha enjoys singing and song-lyric writing as a former camp director and English teacher, and she hopes to create more novels in the future.

Perfect, her debut novel, delves into the private difficulties of body image, eating disorders, and sorrow. Perfect was named a Book Sense Choice and received the Milkweed Award for Children's Literature. Friend raises what could have been just another problem novel to a very fascinating read of considerable interest to many girls, according to Booklist. Lush, Natasha's newest novel, goes headfirst into the turbulent lives and mind of a thirteen-year-old girl whose father is an alcoholic.

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