Navin Sabharwal

Navin Sabharwal is an innovator, thought leader, author, and consultant in the areas of AI, machine learning, cloud computing, big data analytics, and software product development. He is responsible for IP development and service delivery in the areas of AI and machine learning, automation products, GCP, cloud computing, public cloud AWS, and Microsoft Azure. Navin has created niche award-winning products and solutions and has filed numerous patents in diverse fields such as IT services, assessment engines, ranking algorithms, capacity planning engines, and knowledge management.

​Piyush is a solution architect for automation, DevOps, and cloud services with 10 years of IT experience. He is currently working as a deputy general manager at HCL DRYiCE, focusing on creating solutions catering to cloud adoption (including cloud landing zone, migration, and operations), automation, orchestration, and cloud life-cycle management.