Bonnie Wright

Wright, Bonnie: - Bonnie Wright has trained performance dogs for twenty-four years. Harnessing evidence-based research, continuous study, intellect, and spiritual intuition with the goal of passionately improving the lives of dogs and educating the public. Over the years the dogs taught her to take an individualized holistic approach. Her high standards, respect, compassion, and science are knitted across her life's work. She is a certified animal behavior instructor forming the All Star Dog Training Company, LLC in 2013. She established the SS Safari All-Star Fund to provide community grants through the Eau Claire Community Foundation. When Saxon, her own dog, was diagnosed with inter-dog fear aggression at five months old, she rehabilitated and trained him to achieve an AKC Master Hunter title, participating in the Master National Retriever Championship event. She never realized the behavior modification methods she taught Saxon were predestined to uncover and set free Read More chevron_right