Orion Carloto

Orion  Carloto

Orion Carloto is a writer, poet, and social media influencer who grew up in a small Georgia village. Orion, who is well-known on YouTube, aspires to build a beautiful dream land for lovers, dreamers, and brokenhearted. It's no wonder that she grew up with her nose in a book and in her own imagination, and that she intended to create a book of her own one day. She dived deep into her own miseries and allowed the sorrows to drive her work, drawing inspiration from her personal adventures growing up, being in love, and the awful pain of losing it all. Orion now resides in New York with her feline companions, Atticus and Lolita, and enjoys collecting mugs, baking treats, sipping hot coffee, film photography, French films, and the color yellow.

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