Patricia Burroughs

Patricia  Burroughs
Patricia Burroughs - Pooks - began her writing career in romance with five published novels. She received nominations and recognition from RT Reviews and was a Finalist for Romance Writers of America's Rita. Then she got lured over to the dark side - screenwriting. She received a Nicholl Fellowship from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for an adaptation of her first published novel, What Wild Ecstasy, under the title, Redemption. Uncredited but paying work followed, and she was happy with her Hollywood dreams... Until one day she woke up with a new story rooting itself into her heart, a story that couldn't be told in a script but needed many more pages to spread out, flex its muscles and take wing. She returned to novels and is presently writing an epic fantasy trilogy. The first in the series, THIS CRUMBLING PAGEANT, will be published in print and digital in 2014.
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