Patricia Lauber

Patricia Lauber has written more than sixty-five books for children. Many of them are related to science, and their scope reflects her own diverse interests: bats, dolphins, dogs, volcanoes, earthquakes, the ice ages, the Everglades, the planets, and earthworms, to name a few. SEEDS: POP STICK GLIDE and JOURNEY TO THE PLANETS, two of her nonfiction books, were both nominated for The American Book Awards. She won the Washington Post/Children's Book Guild Award for her overall contribution to children's nonfiction literature in 1983. In addition to writing books, Lauber has served as editor of Junior Scholastic, editor-in-chief of Science World, and chief editor, science and mathematics, of The New Book of Knowledge. She is married and lives in Connecticut. She enjoys hiking, sailing, traveling, cooking, reading, and listening to music when she is not writing.