Patrick Bijou

Bijou, Patrick: - Sir Patrick Bijou is a Level 7 Investment banker and Fund Manager. In addition to that, he is a senior banking redemption officer for the International Court of Justice. Throughout the span of his diverse and extensive career, Sir. Patrick had the opportunity to see many changes throughout the financial industry. Due to his keen sense of innovation and adaptability, he has always managed to stay on top of the recent trends and industry developments, thriving in a career that already recounts decades of expertise. As a registered private banker, analyst, fund manager and trader, Sir Patrick worked with major banking institutions worldwide, including Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, Credit Agricole CIB, and Calyon, and many more. He is particularly focused on debt capital markets and private placements, as well as structured products and other areas. In addition to his wealth of senior banking experience, Sir Patrick also traded on Wall Street and is deeply Read More chevron_right