Paul Keany

Paul Keany was born in Oxford England in 1963. The youngest of three children, he had a reasonably happy childhood. Both his parents were born in Ireland, Dublin and Dundalk to be precise. Being of Irish descent he was bought up with Irish values, in Irish ways. His love of all things Irish shows in his writing. Being educated in Oxford sounds good, but for him getting out of school sounded better! So he left school at the age of sixteen and joined the Navy. It all sounded like a great adventure in the careers office. In reality he saw more of the world on TV. After serving three years he asked if he could leave and they said no. This didn't deter young keany, so he left on his own terms by going, AWOL! His new life found him in Ireland where his family had gone to live. This was in the early 80's and unemployment was very high. Most young Irish people were going in the opposite direction, back over the Irish Sea. With his family to support him he soon found work and one job led to Read More chevron_right